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  • T140 Bonneville Fully Restored
  • T140 Bonneville Wheel1
  • T140 Bonneville Engine2
  • T140 Bonneville 1
  • T140 Bonneville Wheel3
  • T140 Bonneville Wheel2
  • T140 Bonneville Repair
  • T140 Bonneville Clocks

T140E Bonneville – Full Restoration

This T140E Bonneville has been brought to RCMR requiring a total restoration.

Once stripped down, the amount of work to restore the bike can clearly be seen, from the wheels, gears, brakes, handlebars, engine, electrics, lights and fuel tank. Keep checking back with us to see our progress.

Before shots of the bike and the work ahead:


IMG_2215 (1024x765)IMG_2207 (1024x765)IMG_2202 (1024x765)IMG_2199 (1024x765)IMG_2197 (1024x765)IMG_2166 (1024x765)IMG_2155 (1024x765)IMG_2154 (1024x765)IMG_2218 (1024x765)


The framework on this has now been completely renovated:

IMG_2900 (1024x765)

As can be seen, the engine has now been completely stripped, aqua-blasted, fitted with new valves, and is now back on the bike:

T140 Triumph Engine

Some more after shots – showing the work we have completed. This includes renovating the electrics, the silencer, as well as cleaning and restoring other parts:

IMG_3367 IMG_3352  IMG_3354 IMG_3356 IMG_3353

The clocks have now been full repaired and refitted back onto the bike:

T140 Bonneville Clocks

The wheels have also been refurbished and refitted:

T140 Bonneville Wheel3 T140 Bonneville Wheel2

The rest of the bike has also now been fully restored:

T140 Bonneville Wheel1 T140 Bonneville Engine2 T140 Bonneville 1

The finished results:

T140 Bonneville Fully Restored




  • Total Restoration Rebuild and Repair