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BMW R75-5 – Clean up

This BMW R75 came into the workshop needing a full clean up, and replacement mud guards.

Some shots of how it looked when it first came in:

IMG_2390 (1024x765)IMG_2391 (1024x765)

IMG_2379 (1024x765)IMG_2373 (1024x765)

IMG_2395 (1024x765)IMG_2384 (1024x765)

Work Completed:

Following much clean up work of individual component parts – these are some before and after shots:

Swing Arm, Diff, Rear Sub-frame


IMG_2614 (1024x765)

Petrol Filler Cap

IMG_2519 IMG_2523



Centre Standing Pin

IMG_2522 IMG_2609



Brake Plates


Mud Guards

IMG_2397 (1024x765)IMG_2872 (1024x1024)


The Finished Results

With one happy customer!

IMG_2877 (1024x1024) IMG_2878 (1024x1024)







  • Refurb & Clean Up Mud Guard Replacement