Motorcycle Servicing Work

Here at Richmond Classic Motorcycle Restorations we understand the importance of keeping your vintage motorbike regularly serviced and maintained. We also understand that due to the age of some bikes, a simple service can throw up all manner of different problems. We undertake to provide a comprehensive, thorough and professional approach to ensure that you receive the highest service achievable and your bike remains safe and roadworthy.

This is a list of what we are able to do:

  • A thorough cleaning & inspection of the frame & all parts
  • Complete review of all safety items
  • Cleaning & sealing the inside of the fuel tank
  • Carburetor cleaning or rebuild & new fuel lines
  • Electrical system upgrades or a new wiring harnes
  • Brake & master cylinder rebuilding
  • Replacement of all cables, hoses, lines, tires, rubber parts, etc.
  • Refurbishing or replacement of all bolts, nuts, screws & other hardware
  • Professional body work & painting
  • Re-lacing of spoke wheels & new tires & inspection of wheel bearings
  • Steering bearings replaced or repacked
  • Polish & shine of all aluminum parts